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Raymond Mutchler AttorneyRaymond Mutchler  is passionate about helping people in his community.  The son of a Boeing maintenance electrician, he was raised in south Everett  where he’s witnessed much growth and many challenges facing this area. He has located his practice in Snohomish County because he believes in commitment to the welfare of one’s own community.

His educational roots are also local as he holds a diploma from Mariner High and an AA degree from Everett Community College. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities at Western Washington University in Bellingham near his great grandfather’s farmland. For his legal education he left the state to attend Willamette University College of Law, the first law school in the Northwest, in Salem, Oregon.

“Not unto ourselves alone are we born” was the motto he learned at Willamette University and is a foundational civic idea. Mr. Mutchler lives this motto by volunteering at Snohomish County Legal Service’s Family Law Clinic where he helps those without financial means handle their own cases and by serving on the board of his church as a trustee. Outside of his volunteer work he strives to make his services affordable to his clients.


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