Unemployment Appeals

In Washington State, employees may be entitled to compensation from the state unemployment insurance system when they become unemployed through no fault of their own. When a person (claimant) files a claim, the Employment Security Department will determine whether the claimant is entitled to unemployment benefits. Whether the Department grants or denies the claim, both…

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Documenting agreements and conversations

We make agreements and have important conversations all the time. Where are separated parents meeting to exchange the children? Where should a tenant pay his rent? Which neighbor is paying for the broken fence? A common legal problem occurs when a person thinks they have an agreement with another, but later the second person does…

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The Advantage of Having a General Practice Attorney

“I believe that every person should have a personal attorney who acts as the equivalent of general counsel or family doctor. This is the trusted attorney one calls up first. This attorney won’t necessarily handle every legal matter for the client, but they will help coordinate and ensure matters don’t slip through the cracks or conflict.”

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